CIMS is an information management system that holds the record of every citizens’ necessary details for security purposes. The recorded information are only authorized by the Dhaka Metropolitan Police.
As per the DMP's preventive measure to avoid security threats, every citizen has to provide the required information on CIMS.
Yes, it is mandatory for every tenants and landlords to give the required information to DMP.
You can find the app in both Google Play and App Store. Search for 'CIMSDMP' in the store and download it for free.
Yes, but you only need to provide the new address and other relevant resident information.
Using your mobile number you can register with the CIMS Mobile App platform easily and set a passpword for your account.
Using your registerd mobile number you have to verify and recover your password/account.
You have to provide your personal, family and residential information (E.g. Contact information, address, family members etc).
You can collect, fill up and submit the form to the local Thana office, or you can download the CIMSDMP app and complete the entire process digitally and easily.
If you are not already registered you have to register with all the required personal, family and resident information. After that you only have to provide the new resident information if you change you house.